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    Membership Application

    Any full voting member of a Canadian land surveying association (licensed, commissioned or registered members - as defined by the various jurisdictions) - may become a member of Professional Surveyors Canada (PSC).


    The Annual Membership fee is $299 plus GST or HST.
    Our memberships run from the day you sign up to December 31st of that year. If you sign up on or after October 1st however, your membership will last until December 31st of the following year.

    Membership Fee

    Temporary text:

    Please read these Terms of Service ("Terms", "Terms of Service") carefully before accepting this membership application.

    I will honor and abide by the Code of Ethics described here:

    Temporary text from PSC Code of Conduct for Board Members:
    - Adhere to the Code of Conduct for members of Professional Surveyors Canada.
    - Not directly or indirectly criticize in public the conduct or practice of the Board of Professional Surveyors Canada or its members.
    - Not directly or indirectly criticize in public the endeavours of Professional Surveyors Canada.
    - Preserve the confidences of Professional Surveyors Canada as privileged information.
    - Serve Professional Surveyors Canada to the best of his/her knowledge and ability.
    - Carry on work within the Board in a spirit of fidelity and devotion to high ideals of fairness, courtesy and personal honour.
    - Realize that his/her acceptance to the Board places him/her in a position of the champion of the whole profession of surveying.

    If I have a P.Surv licence issued by the Saskatchewan Land Surveyors' Association and I am not licensed to perform cadastral land surveys in Saskatchewan, I will not perform cadastral land surveys in the rest of Canada.

    More placeholder text:

    Professional Surveyors Canada, and its members, are working to bring the survey and mapping of underground infrastructure in Canada into a new era of proactive management. This will ultimately benefit the public, developers, utility companies, and emergency responders, as well as government regulatory agencies.

    Underground infrastructure includes pipelines, water lines, gas lines, telecommunications lines, and sewers. It is essential to the health, safety, and economic well-being of Canadians, and the effective functioning of their government.

    Currently, the systems in place for dealing with underground infrastructure are a patchwork of regulatory and voluntary regimes. Federal and provincial legislation has sought to improve the system in Canada; however, there is still a long way to go.

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