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P.Surv Designation


is the Official Designation for
Professional Surveyors Across Canada

In April of 2021, Professional Surveyors Canada (PSC) registered P.Surv as trademark. For many in the industry, this was a watershed moment in Canadian surveying; it was four years in the making and driven by feedback directly from our members (surveyors who are very familiar with issues in the industry).

For the Public: Why Do Surveyors Need A Term?

Our members showed us that there was confusion in the industry; surveyors in different provinces have different designations, making it difficult to know who to hire. And with the issue of the unauthorized practice of land surveying, the public deserved clarity.

The industry needed an easily identifiable term like other professions, such as Chartered Professional Accountants and Engineers Canada. With the introduction of P.Surv, the public now has a common term that is recognizable throughout Canada.

Members of the public and government officials can now look for surveyors with the P.Surv designation to ensure professional standards are met.


For Surveyors: How to Get Your P.Surv Designation

To use the designation you must either be a member of a provincial association that has signed the license agreement on behalf of its members, or you must sign the end user license agreement yourself. Having said this, there is no requirement for professionals to use the term.

“Having a recognized national designation will make it easier for the public to identify professional surveyors and will simplify communicating what we do and who we are to the public and to all levels of government. I encourage all
of our members to adopt P.Surv and add it to your business card, email signatures, and website.” — Jordan Litke, P.Surv, BCLS, Chair of PSC

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P.Surv, uniting Professional Surveyors across Canada through the use of one, recognizable designation