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professional liability insurance

As professionals, all licensed surveyors providing services to the public carry professional liability insurance for the public’s protection. Professional Surveyors Canada endorses a surveyor-specific group policy program tailor-made for Canadian surveyors by Canadian surveyors.
The PSC program has several unique features that make it superior to other programs:
  • The PLIC works with our insurance broker (Gallagher) and the insurer (Victor) to manage the program and represents the surveyor’s interests during the adjusting of a claim.
  • A split deductible – the insurer matches the surveyor dollar for dollar in indemnity costs until the deductible is reached; then the insurer pays 100%.
  • Defence and expense costs are “in addition” to the policy limit and are not subject to the deductible – 100% covered.
  • Retirement or Sale of Business Coverage – after you purchase at least a one-year runoff policy, you and your estate qualify for a $500,000 per claim retirement policy at no additional cost. Read this article for more information about this significant benefit that is exclusive to the PSC Insurance Program.
  • Specialized Claims Service – the PSC Program has developed a national claims service team that specializes in representing and defending land surveyor claims.