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National Surveyors Conference



May 10th – 13th 2022   Brookstreet Hotel, 525 Legget Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K2K 2W2


Join Professional Surveyors Canada (PSC) and The Association of Canada Land Surveyors (ACLS) at the 2022 National Surveyors Conference.

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MAY 12, 2022: Presenting Professional Surveyors Canada, Continuing Professional Development Sessions 

8:35am – 10:00am

“Asset Management for Sustainable Infrastructure – an emerging practice for geomatics professionals”


Dr. Robert Radovanovic, P.Eng., P.Surv, CAMA, ENV Sp.


Worldwide, there has been a growing recognition that smarter investments in infrastructure are needed if we are going to ensure sustainable outcomes for communities. This is driving an increased interest in the area of Infrastructure Asset Management (IAM), which in turn is providing an exciting opportunity for surveyors and other geomatics professionals to diversify on the basis of their geospatial expertise.
IAM is a multi-disciplinary field of practice that brings together data on the condition and location of assets like roads, utilities and buildings with analytics that assess how assets will age and wear under current and anticipated use patterns and environmental conditions. This information is then used to prioritize investment decisions to minimize total lifecycle costs while ensuring that end users receive consistent and quality service delivery.
In this presentation, an overview of the principles of IAM is provided, along with discussion of how IAM systems are put together in practice from a data gathering, analytics and policy perspective. Many of the technologies which are driving advances in IAM have roots in the geomatics profession, such as 3D laser scanners, remote sensing, GIS databases and least-squares and other prediction techniques and this presentation focuses on the geomatics and surveying underpinnings of this practice area.


10:30am – 12:00pm

“Issues in Recent Court Cases: Indigenous title, Shared natural boundary factors and Revisiting co-ordinates”


Izaak de Rijcke, LL.M., OLS, of the Ontario Bar and Yukon Bar (Ret.)


Professional surveyors in Canada are good at adapting to change and new challenges. However, remaining aware of trends in case law that will impact their professional and business activities is an important resource to have in meeting these challenges. The sheer volume of case law emanating from courts across Canada calls for proactive measures to “check in” periodically on trends and new developments in the law.
In the last five years there has been no shortage of new decisions – despite the impact of a pandemic which, in many instances has meant trials, hearings and appeals taking place by videoconference. In this workshop, 3 issues are identified and briefly described, with a high level explanation of what each one could mean for land surveyors across Canada. In addition to the workshop, members will receive a short synopsis of the presentation and the cases reviewed for further discussion with colleagues and employees after the workshop is over. 

MAY 13, 2022: Professional Surveyors Canada, Annual General Meeting (AGM)

10:00am – 12:00pm

“Annual General Meeting”


Jordan Litke, Chair

Gabriel Arancibia, Vice Chair

Darren Patkau, Vice Chair & Treasurer


  • Welcome & Opening Remarks
  • Board of Directors & Staff Changes  – Motion                               
  • Ongoing Initiatives & Achievements
  • Professional Liability Insurance Program
  • Financial Overview
  • 2021 Year End Financials  – Motion
  • Proposed 2022 Budget
  • Appointment of accountant – Motion
  • Open Forum
  • Closing Remarks
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