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National Awards

National Awards

Honouring the leadership, innovation, dedication, and creativity of professional surveyors in Canada.

The David Thompson National Geomatics Awards

Each year, the community of surveyors celebrates aspects of the profession that David Thompson, one of the great trader-explorers of North America, personified: innovation, contribution to society, and applied technology. They are proud to recognize and honour individuals who have demonstrated significant accomplishments, vision, and leadership in their work.

The David Thompson National Geomatics Awards recognize excellence in three aspects that are so much a part of what survey professionals do.

Innovative Projects: Applying innovative methods and using technology creatively to solve a problem in a survey project.

Contributions to Society: Realizing a positive impact on society including important new infrastructure in developing countries, contribution to natural disaster relief, and technology transfer or capacity building in less fortunate communities.

Unusual Applications of Technology: Using survey methods and technology to solve unusual or unconventional problems, work in an unusual environment, or provide solutions under uncommon circumstances.

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The Champlain Award

Honouring the first Canadian surveyor, Samuel de Champlain, the Champlain Award recognizes the achievements of those who have performed outstanding contributions in promoting or advancing the land surveying profession.

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The Champlain Award was established in 1986 by the Canadian Council of Land Surveyors and is continued by Professional Surveyors Canada.

Recipients of the Champlain Award include:

1986 Charles H. Weir
1986 William V. Blackie
1987 Angus C. Hamilton
1988 J. Hugh O’Donnell
1989 N. Lorraine Petzold
1990 James F. Doig
1991 Timothy E. Koepke
1992 W.D. Usher
1994 Peter Berghuis
1996 G. Ken Allred
1998 John D. McLaughlin
2002 Gordon M. Thomson
2005 Berthier Beaulieu
2006 Wayne D. Brubacher
2007 Daniel Roberge
2009 Michael J. O’Sullivan
2014 Philip M. Milo
2015 James D. Gunn
2019 Peter Sullivan

2022 Jean Claude Tétreault