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Professional Surveyors CanadaProfessional Surveyors CanadaProfessional Surveyors Canada

The Insurance Policy

Land surveyors can be sued and held personally liable for the professional services they provide.  The courts hold professionals to the standard of care of that of a “reasonable professional”, which is based on the standard prescribed by the professional’s peers. By signing a survey plan, the land surveyor is certifying that what is depicted on the plan complies with the legislation and the professional standards of the applicable governing association.

The Professional Liability Policy through the Professional Surveyors Canada Insurance Program is designed specifically for professional land surveyors. It will respond and defend surveyors should they become legally liable to pay for damages resulting from the performance of professional services, subject to the terms and restrictions of the policy.

Professional services include any services that were rendered or should have been rendered by you in the practice of the profession as a licensed land surveyor including incidental engineering services which:

  • a land surveyor is qualified to undertake by training whether by custom or common practice;
  • are provided by a professional engineer in the employ of the Insured.

The policy wording and coverage is reviewed annually to ensure competitiveness and comprehensive coverage.

Please note that not all Insurance Programs are the same!  Each program varies in price and coverage. Be careful of selecting the cheapest program because you could be missing important coverage features.  We recommend you contact our insurance broker – Mark Sampson BBA, FCIP of Gallagher Insurance brokers who will compare your current insurance coverage with the PSC Insurance Program and give you professional advice.

Click here to apply to the PSC Professional Liability Insurance Program, or here to renew your application if you haven’t already.