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Professional Liability Insurance Program

Professional Liability Insurance Committee (PLIC)

The PLIC is a standing committee of Professional Surveyors Canada representing the interests of  surveyors across Canada. The members of the committee are licensed surveyors from different parts of the country.  They include: Committee Chair: Dave Gurnsey, SLS, CLS, P.Surv. Western Canada: Mitch Ettinger, ALS and Michael Kidston, BCLS, CLS Eastern Canada: Derik R. DeWolfe, NSLS and Derek French, PEILS, CLS, P.Eng., MCIP PSC Director Liaison: Darren Patkau, SLS, CLS PSC Secretary: Michelle Zuk, MBA Please click here for the full contact information of the PLIC. The Committee meets in person twice a year and provides a number of unique services including:
  • Advocating on behalf of all surveyors across Canada.
  • Working with the Broker (Gallagher) and the insurer (Victor – formally called ENCON) to ensure the program is competitively priced, has broad land surveyor specific insurance coverage, and provides superior claims service to the members.
  • Reviewing the Professional Surveyors Canada Professional Liability Insurance Program’s rates and performance.
  • Providing an insurance option for all Canadian surveyors, regardless of their claims history.
  • Responding in strict confidence to all concerns or complaints from insured surveyors.
  • Advising the insurance professionals about survey law and standards of practice.
  • Collecting program statistics for continuing education and negotiating policy renewals.
  • Overseeing the Risk Management Fund.
  • Maintaining a comprehensive committee web section available to all surveyors.
The Policy & Program Features & Coverage Enhancements
Claims and Reporting Potential Claims
Insurance and Committee Contact Information
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