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Claims & Reporting Potential Claims


In the Event of a Claim

As soon as you become aware of a claim against you, please report the details to our insurance broker (Gallagher) and our Insurance Manager (Victor – formally called ENCON). 

A claim means:

  • a written or an oral demand for money or services; or
  • a written or oral allegation;

received by you and resulting from a single actual or alleged error, omission or negligent act in your rendering of professional services for others.

You must immediately provide written notice giving the pertinent details as to the circumstances surrounding the claim. As events unfold which may have an effect on the claim, you must continue to keep the Insurer informed.

Report any potential claim immediately here. The Insurer will review each report, assign a claims examiner and decide whether to open a claim file or to file the report as an incident.

Filing a claim

Your insurance policy requires that you report a claim to Insurer as soon as possible after you first become aware of the claim. The claim must be reported in writing and may be submitted to the Insurer as follows:

Victor Insurance Managers Inc.
500 – 1400 Blair Towers Place
Ottawa, ON K1J 9B8
Attention: Claims Department

Do not attempt to remedy the problem without the consent of the insurer. Do not prejudice the insurer by admitting liability.

The Claims Process

Once the claims analyst has confirmed that your insurance policy provides coverage for the claim that you have reported, the claims analyst will appoint the defense team to act on your behalf.

If the claim is not presented in the form of a lawsuit, the claims analyst may appoint one of our local adjusters to investigate and work with you to bring the claim to final resolution. If the claim is made in the form of a legal proceeding, counsel will be appointed as a member of the defense team.

You will play a role in developing the strategy for resolution of your claim. As the claim progresses, the lawyer or adjuster assigned to your file will develop a proposed resolution strategy which will be included in their reports. There will be opportunity to discuss this strategy and to provide feedback as the claim develops

Questions about your claim

If you feel the adjuster or claims analyst is, for any reason, unable to settle a claim fairly and justly, contact our broker and or a member of the PLIC immediately. If you feel a claim is taking too long, or you want a progress report, call the Victor claims department. No claim can be settled without the consent of the insured. If the insured is not in agreement with a proposed settlement, they can continue the defence at their own expense. However, the insurer’s liability may be limited to the amount for which the claim could have been settled.