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Professional Liability Insurance for Surveyors & Engineers

As professionals, all licensed surveyors providing services to the public carry professional liability insurance for the public’s protection. Professional Surveyors Canada endorses a surveyor-specific group policy program tailor-made for Canadian surveyors by Canadian surveyors.

Key partners in this program are the program broker and the program insurer Victor Canada.

A key mandate of the Professional Surveyors Canada committee, and its partners at Victor Canada and Gallagher, is to provide risk management education and tools to Canadian surveyors, including:

  • Accessible information about the Professional Surveyors Canada professional liability insurance program and committee.
  • Risk Management Bulletins covering current issues are published periodically by Victor Canada in conjunction with the committee.  Contact us for a digital copy.
  • A policy feature checklist to assist in comparing professional liability insurance policy coverage.  Contact us for a digital copy.
  • Risk management seminars are provided in cooperation with surveying licensing bodies across the country.
  • A comprehensive online Risk Management Guide that is updated periodically with new articles and best practice information.  Contact us for a digital copy.
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