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FAQs – P.Surv A National Identifier

P.Surv - A National Identifier

Why do we need a national identifier?

The need for a national identifier became obvious after we consulted with marketing experts and explained that each province uses a different designation. We were advised that this is very confusing for the public and that it would be impossible to promote eleven different designations; BCLS, ALS, SLS, MLS, OLS etc. The choice to go with P. Surv, was in keeping with standards expected and recognizable by the public who are already familiar with the P. Eng. designation.

Will I have to use the P. Surv designation?

No, there is no requirement for any surveyor to use the P. Surv designation.

Will the P. Surv designation replace my provincial designation?

No, there is no change to the licensing schema in place.

Will I as a licensed surveyor in Canada be required to be a member of PSC to use the P. Surv designation?

Yes, the P. Surv designation will be held by PSC for the exclusive use of its members.

Why does PSC require our association to sign a sub-licence agreement for P.Surv? Can individual surveyors sign it instead?

The sub-licensing agreement structure is modeled after the Engineers Canada structure of sub-licensing P.Eng. to provincial licensing associations for engineering. By having a licensing body enter into a sub-license agreement, their members need not worry about each signing an individual agreement with the trademark holder. In the case of P.Eng. the trademark holder is Engineers Canada. In our case, it is PSC.

Should your association choose not to sign a sub-licensing agreement with PSC, the repercussion is administrative and volunteer resources to deal with hundreds of agreements instead of just one. There are no other direct repercussions, just fewer resources for PSC to serve our membership and the public.

Do you intend for surveyors to use both P.Surv and their provincial designation?

We are certainly not forcing anyone to use P.Surv. It is an optional designation. The change from individual provincial licensing bodies designations to P.Surv will be gradual and up to the individual surveyor.