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History of PSC

history of professional surveyors canada

From our roots with chains and compasses exploring Canada’s uncharted wilderness to today, surveyors have used their strong professional code of ethics, attention to detail, and ingenuity in leading development in every sector of our economy and every region of the country.

Advances in technology such as the latest in GPS satellite technology and LIDAR are used today, enabling ever increasing precision, accuracy, and efficiency in providing services to the Canadian public.

The history of Canadian surveyors begins with Samuel de Champlain in 1626 but surveyors have been at work for millennia as witnessed by depictions in ancient Egyptian murals. We have listed below a collection of links to interesting sites related to the history of surveying.

Professional Surveyors Canada itself has a history dating back to the 1968 and the inception of its predecessor organization the Canadian Council of Land Surveyors.

Our roots as the Canadian Council of Land Surveyors

The Canadian Council of Land Surveyors was formed by the licensing bodies for professional surveying in Canada in order to communicate, cooperate, and discuss common issues affecting the profession. It was incorporated in 1976 and for over 30 years served the profession well in maintaining open dialogue and coordination of national issues at the licensing body level. From the strong roots established by the Canadian Council of Land Surveyors, Professional Surveyors Canada was created to strengthen and focus a vision of a strong profession and public recognition of the art and science of surveying.
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