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Raw Dog Food And Your Pet

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    <br> You’ve probably heard about raw dog food and have wondered what all the buzz about and whether feeding it is a wise choice for your pet. The fact is that a raw food diet is excellent for your dog. This is due to the fact that their original diet in the wild was mostly raw meat.
    <br><br> Even when they were domesticated by man to be pets and companions They thrived on nutritious scraps of food that typically included bones and cuts that were raw. The modern diet has deteriorated to be a high sugar and fat, as well as a high processed food as, in turn, are been the food habits of pets. It’s not a surprise that the illnesses which are increasingly prevalent in us have also spiraled to near epidemic levels in dogs.
    <br><br> Canine diabetes is an example of a modern illness that has gravely affected dogs. If you adored this write-up and you would certainly like to receive additional info regarding Cat food advisor Raw food 2018 kindly go to our own site. The risk of developing cancer in dogs is more prevalent. Domestic pets are dependent on their owners to feed them and care for them. The majority of dog owners have blithely trusted modern marketing and modern thinking and fed their pets a diabetes inducing diet. Combined with the lack of exercise and a processed, modern diet has resulted in our dogs being a part of our illnesses. The feeding of raw dog food along with vegetables, eggs, shells of sardines, eggshells for vital fatty acids and the occasional cooked whole grains (complex carbohydrates) ensures your dog is set for the best possible health.
    <br><br> Here are three great reasons to give your dog raw food:
    <br><br> 1. Dogs thrive when fed a raw diet of dog food. Scientific studies were conducted to determine the differences in health of dogs who are fed a raw food diet , with some healthy additions as well as those who are fed cooked meat and the same nutritional supplements. These studies were not even comparing commercial dog foods with a raw dog food diet. The study discovered that dogs who ate a raw dog food diet had better immune systems, did not experience illness and were less likely to get bitten by worms and parasites and had lower incidence of fleas. Some of these results were shocking to at best. However, they indicate the benefit of sticking to a healthy diet for dogs for as long as is possible.
    <br><br> 2. Three are no harmful additives. We are surrounded by chemicals. We breathe them, drink them and we eat them. More processed is our food, the more chemicals we consume. This is also the case to our pet. We aren’t able to do anything as individuals about breathing in air, or even the water we drink, unless we buy a high quality purifier or trust the suppliers of water that is pure, however we can certainly reduce our exposure to chemicals in our food. Commercial dog food is based on preservatives as well as artificial colors and flavors, and flavor enhancers such as sodium. By giving our pets a natural food diet, we are safeguarding them from dangerous chemicals as best as we can.
    <br><br> 3. A raw diet for dogs is eco healthy. Raw dog food is part of the natural process and is then reabsorbed into the soil to rot. Each time we consume commercial food for dogs, we add to the worldwide non-biodegradable trash issue. Commercial manufacturing is ruining the planet in its quest to make money and market. The commercial dog food market is one unnecessary market and the product isn’t the most nutritious food for dogs. If enough people took the choice to feed their pets a raw canine food diet, benefits could be substantial, not only for their pet, but also for the greater community.
    <br><br> Our dogs are dependent on us to make most appropriate decisions for them. We need to use wisdom and not just adhere to the conventional wisdom. After all, this common wisdom isn’t really very wise.

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