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Affinity Partner Program

Professional Surveyors Canada (PSC) Affinity Partner Program is designed to bring together our members with relevant industry partners who offer preferred rates, specialized products and services and customized solutions to land professionals across Canada.

PSC members may Choose Co-operators Group Auto* and Home Insurance program for your insurance needs and discover exceptional service and coverage.

Get an  online quote  now or call  1-800-387-1963 .

Oracle RMS is an award-winning insurance brokerage providing individuals and companies health & dental, disability, life, critical illness, healthcare spending accounts, and international health care coverage. Understanding that flexibility and innovative solutions are key to hiring and retaining employees we assess each company independently and create a unique package for your team.

The program unlocks competitive rates, that is available to organizations with as few as 1 employee.

When you join our plan, you gain access to our Legal Advice and Human Resources support programs at no cost.

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Mark’s is pleased to be partnered with Professional Surveyors Canada and to welcome PSC members to Mark’s Digital Client Program. A Digital Client Savings Card will be emailed to all PSC Members. Simply present it on your mobile device at any Mark’s retail location for 10% savings. If you have questions about the program, or how to use the Client Savings Card, our team is available to help via our toll-free line 1.855.5927444 or email


To find a Mark’s store near you click here:

Petro-Canada’s SuperPass is a no fee fuel card which offers – total flexibility, control, security and cost management.
*  SuperPass cards give your drivers access to both Petro-Canada retail stations and Petro-Pass Card-Lock sites. Competitive Petro-Pass pricing can be added to you SuperPass account.
* Each Petro-Canada SuperPass card comes with a confidential Personal Identification Number (PIN) that helps to prevent unauthorized use.
*You gain added control over fleet management with the ability to track every vehicle and driver through individual card restrictions and spending limits.            
*  You can manage your expenses and control SuperPass card features anytime you want, 24 hours a day using SuperPass Online. Through a secure login you can: order extra cards, change restrictions, cancel cards, check Petro-Pass pricing, down-load reports and receive your statement digitally.
As a valued member of Professional Surveyors of Canada you now qualify for the following discounts off retail fuel purchases:
All grades of gas & diesel: 3. 5 cents per litre*
Car Wash: 20 % *

PSC Members Savings 

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What Our Affinity Partners Offer Our Members:
  1. Offer Exclusive PSC Members Only Rates: To offer PSC members “Exclusive PSC Members Only” rates that are less than regular rates offered to non-member customers.

  2. Offer Customizable Solutions To offer customizable solutions to PSC members (where relevant) and access to industry experts to help our members understand your products/services and identify best options for their business.

  3. Offer Easy Access and Sign Up: To offer PSC members direct, easy access and signup options for the products/services being promoted to members, where applicable, through unique links or phone numbers to specific contact representatives familiar with the program.

What we offer our Affinity Partners:

1.PSC Website:PSC will list your company in the Affinity Partner Section of our website. This listing will include:

– Prominent Logo placement

– Brief one-paragraph description of the Affinity Partner company and products/services

– Direct contact name & number for members for easy access and signup

– Special pricing offers (e.g. percent discounts exclusively for PSC Members)

2. Social Media Marketing: PSC will promote your Company/Products in “Featured Affinity Partner” online (Social Media) marketing communications – both individually (your company only) and broader “All Affinity Partners” regularly throughout the year.

3. Email Marketing:PSC will promote your Company/Products/Services in “Featured Affinity Partner” custom Email Marketing to Members Only email lists.

4. Host Live Webinar(s):PSC will offer senior representative(s) of your company the opportunity to host a “Live Webinar” to highlight and/or demonstrate your products or services to our members.

5. Early Access to Conference & Trade Show Exhibitor/Sponsor/Speaking Opportunities:PSC will reach out to Affinity Partners early in the Conference & Trade show development to offer additional Sponsorship/Exhibitor and Speaking opportunities for the National Surveyors Conference.