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Professional Surveyors CanadaProfessional Surveyors CanadaProfessional Surveyors Canada

Serving the Public Interest

Serving the Public Interest

Professional Surveyors are essential to the development of Canadian infrastructure and the environment around us. We need surveyors for:

Peaceful Settlement

We all know the saying about good neighbours and good fences but that fence had better be in the right place! Whether the boundary in question is being used to defend arctic sovereignty or to make sure the next-door neighbour’s deck does not encroach onto your yard, its proper demarcation is essential to peaceful settlement across that boundary and development in both land and marine environments.

Surveyors play a key role in supporting an efficient land market and effective land-use management. These functions underpin development and innovation for social justice, economic growth, and environmental sustainability.

A Healthy Economy

The robust land administration system that was built by the first surveyors in Canada, and has been expanded and improved by the profession since, has fostered both economic development and environmental protection. Information related to the earth’s surface provided by these dedicated professionals has allowed us to avoid economic insecurities we see in other parts of the world.

Protecting your Land Assets

From individual home ownership to small business to large corporations, land-based assets represent a significant investment. Securing that asset is essential.

A professionally prepared survey, showing the precise extent and location of the property and structures, forms the basis for protecting an investment in real estate. The survey will eliminate future questions as to the location of boundaries and structures, and will be of lasting value to the owner, the developer, and the lender.

Safety and Security

Emergency response by police, fire and ambulance service cannot function without detailed location information. The utilities and infrastructure that our society depends on, such as water, sewer, electricity, gas, land line as well as cellular and satellite communication networks, need to be planned, built, and maintained using detailed location information.

Professional surveyors provide that precise and detailed location data (measurement, mapping, land information management) that allows these essential services be maintained and monitored.

Natural Resource Management

Natural resource management and development activities require the location and measurement expertise of professional surveyors.

Surveyors are involved in mapping:

  • fishery resources;
  • mineral, oil, and gas leases and reserves onshore and offshore;
  • tree species, logged areas, or forest areas affected by disease, infestation or fire;
  • monitoring deformation of dams and water levels in reservoirs;
  • directional drilling and quantity analysis in oil, gas and mineral extraction; and much more.

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