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Education/Training Courses


Professional Surveyors Canada Education Partner Program is designed to connect our members with relevant industry education partners who offer preferred rates, specialized training and education products and services to land professionals across Canada.

Professional Surveyors Canada is pleased to have Locate Management Institute (LMI) as an Education Partner. LMI’s Underground Facility Locator (UFL) Training Program, which includes locator education, training and assessment, is a valuable program designed to enhance locator competency across the country.
We share LMI’s vision for increased locator competency through certification and are pleased to provide links to the Canadian Certified Locator program below.
For LMI’s upcoming locator training schedule, CLICK HERE.
For more information about the Canadian Certified Locator program, CLICK HERE.

LMI’s core locating program includes:
Introduction to Underground Facility Locating
Advanced Line Locating for Utilities
Elective and add-on locating courses:
Transmission Advanced Line Locating
Petroleum Advanced Line Locating
Magnetic Locating
Sonde Locating
Professional Surveyors of Canada Member Price $900.00 per person

Four Point Learning offers courses, seminars and webinars using blended learning methods and
technologies. Our goal is to deliver high-value knowledge and practice for Land Professionals
across Canada while ensuring ease of access and flexibility. Four Point Learning further supports
current and aspiring Land Professionals in staying at the leading edge of property, title and
boundary law by:
–  Publishing The Boundary Point, a free monthly e-newsletter which provides case
comments on decisions recently released by Canadian courts
– Organizing an annual conference on topics of interest to surveyors and lawyers; and
– Partnering with major academic institutions to deliver discipline-specific courses.
Current Continuing Professional Development opportunities include:
– Survey Law Issues in Recent Court Cases
– Risk Management in Searching for Boundary Evidence
– Electronic Survey Plan Registration for OLSs
– Boundary Lines, Fences, and Encroachment Disputes
– Third Party Liability in the Release of Old Survey Plans
– Integrating Aboriginal Interests with Fee Simple
– Complex Cadastral Problems: Searching for Solutions
– Easements: Update and Refresher
– Waterfront Properties in Ontario: Best Practices for Resolving Title & Boundary Issues
– Boundaries of Public Highways: New Developments and Practices
– Enhancing Parcel Title by Re-Thinking Parcel Boundary
– Linking Parcel Title and Parcel Boundary: Improving Title Certainty
– Parcel Title and Parcel Boundary: Where Lawyers and Surveyors Meet